When was crown point courthouse built?

Designed in 1878 by John C. The former Lake County Courthouse is a beautiful red and white building that stands proudly in the center of the square. It was built in 1878 and was known as the “Great Old Lady”. In the center of the city is Crown Point Courthouse Square, an attractive square surrounded by excellent restaurants and shops.

As the county seat of northwestern Indiana since the mid-1880s, Crown Point, Indiana (with a population of 17.72), has long been a center of activity in Lake County. Towering above the square in the center of Crown Point, Indiana, the Lake County Courthouse remains the central point of this historic area. When the county was created, three cities were competing to be County Seat, Lake Court House (named Crown Point), Liverpool and West Point. The Old Homestead Preservation Project, a partnership between the City of Crown Point and the Old Homestead Preservation Society, is returning one of the oldest preserved houses in the county to its original state for use as a museum and historic learning center.

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