What part of indiana is crown point?

Crown Point is a city in and the county seat of Lake County, Indiana, United States. On October 31, 1834, Solon Robinson and his family became the first settlers of an area that would later become Crown Point. Several features make Crown Point a bustling city and one of the best places to live in northwestern Indiana. Crown Point is the county seat of Lake County, Indiana.

Crown Point, Indiana, has a population of 30,488 and is centrally located in a county with more than 400,000 residents. Crown Point, Indiana, is just 20 miles from Chicago's South Side and 30 miles from The Loop. Major industries near Crown Point include manufacturing, steel manufacturing, logistics and oil refining. The Crown Point summer concert series is a set of free public concerts held at Bulldog Park two nights a week during the summer.

Residents of Crown Point will need a car because there are no real public transportation options in Crown Point. There are many restaurants in Crown Point, Indiana, including corporate chains and locally owned restaurants. Crown Point residents can also access many other nearby towns and cities or Chicago using the many highways that cross or near Crown Point, including the U. This publication will cover Crown Point schools, the local economy and job opportunities, and the overall quality of life at Crown Point.

Crown Point has a Special Events Department that oversees many events organized by the city to keep the city's residents active and enjoy their wonderful city. These plans are known as the Broadway Habitable Plan, which aims to allow easy travel by public transportation between Gary, Merrillville and Crown Point and to encourage transit-oriented development in each center. The Crown Point Bridge, an 85-foot single-span Burr Arch Truss bridge, is the only covered bridge in the county. In addition, the City of Collins Park hosts several recreational events and programs, such as the Lake County Fair, the annual Corn Roast festivals, Taste of Crown Point, and many more.

Popular Crown Point subdivisions with continuous development or recently completed phases include Copper Creek, Providence at Stonegate, Ellendale Farm, Regency and Brighten. The Crown Point Sportsplex is a public park complex that covers 95 acres of Crown Point and is located in the center of Crown Point.

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