What county is crown point ny?

Essex County is a county in the United States, the county seat is the village of Elizabethtown. Its name comes from the English county of Essex. Essex is one of only two counties that are completely within Adirondack Park, the other being Hamilton County. Start your Crown Point review Members receive 10 FREE city profile downloads per month, unlimited access to our calculator and detailed cost-of-living analysis, unlimited access to our DataEngine and more.

Crown Point, NY belongs to Essex County. See the Essex County zip code list. See the list of zip codes in New York. Crown Point is located at 43°57'1 N 73°26'13 W (43.9503400, -73.4370700).

According to census records, the population of Crown Point declined by 7.95% in 10 years. People born in Crown Point, including the mayor of Oakland, California Francis K. Shattuck, the manufacturer, the Union Army General and New York politician John Hammond, the soccer player and coach Thomas S. College & universities near Crown Point, NY Amtrak & bus stations near Crown Point, NY Amtrak & bus stations near Crown Point, NY Cities, Towns, Neighborhoods & Other populated places in Essex County, New York.

More) Distances from Crown Point to New York's largest cities During colonial times and the American Revolutionary War, the Fort of Crown Point continued to be important because of its strategic location: on the west coast of Lake Champlain, about 15 miles (24 km) north of Fort Ticonderoga, approximately one day of travel according to the ways of that time. New York State Route 9N, New York State Route 22, and New York State Route 185 are north-south and east-west highways that pass through Crown Point. Crown Point is a city in Essex County, New York, United States, located on the west coast of Lake Champlain. After the failure of the patriotic American invasion of Canada in 1776, Fort Crown Point represented the northernmost area under U.S.

control. The entire historic site, including the campground, is just 300 meters from the entrance to the brand-new Champlain Bridge (also known as the Crown Point Bridge).

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