Is indianapolis culturally diverse?

The most remarkable thing about the growth of the Asian population is its diversity. Indy is expanding its Chinese community, its Sikh community, its Burmese community, etc. It's not just a group that decided to plant its flag in Indy. Indianapolis was historically very white and mostly a biracial city between blacks and whites.

Chris, nicknamed “Capitol of the Word of Racing”, existed long before NASCAR or F1 arrived in town. And it's still very appropriate, regardless of the current state of those two races. Dennis, if the last time you were in Indy was in 1996, then it's time to visit it again. I moved here 11 years ago and the growth has been amazing.

Frankly, you wouldn't even recognize the city. Let's hope that Kansas City's streetlights are urban and urban designs. They're not snakeheads on highways like in the 1950s suburb of Fort Wayne where I grew up. The sports boom was largely driven by the money thrown in by the endowment associated with Eli Lilly & Co.

As I recall, there was a change in tax law in the 1980s that required endowments to donate much more money, which is why Lilly's name is seen everywhere in Indianapolis (and even in other parts of Indiana, especially in IU-Bloomington), and why Indianapolis suddenly had a lot of money to build, by example, a swimming pool and athletic stadium.

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