Crown Point, Indiana

Crown Point, Indiana

Location of Crown Point, Indiana

Crown Point, IN is located in Indiana, Lake County. The nearest major city to Crown Point is Chicago, which sits to the North about 35 miles away.

The city was incorporated in 1868. Solon Robinson and his family moved into the region that would become Crown Point for the first time on October 31, 1834. Crown Point is referred to be the "Hub of Lake County" because of its location.

Crown Point, nicknamed as the "Marriage Mill," became a well-liked location for weddings because there was no waiting period for marriage permits. Many renowned people came to Crown Point to marry, including Tom Mix, Rudolph Valentino, Cassius Clay, and Jackson 5 patriarch Joseph Jackson and their wives.

On the National Register of Historic Places are the Walter Allman House, Wellington A. Clark House, Crown Point Courthouse Square Historic District, Albert Maack House, Lake County Courthouse, Lake County Tuberculosis Sanatorium, Nurses Home and Superintendent's House, Lake County Sheriff's House and Jail, and Lake County Nurses Home and Superintendent's House.

Transportation in Crown Point, Indiana

There are plans to extend bus service within the city along the Broadway corridor from 93rd Avenue to the north stopping at US-231 to the south. Gary Public Transportation Corporation currently provides bus service along the 93rd Avenue corridor. The "Livable Broadway Plan" is a set of initiatives that seeks to provide convenient public transportation connecting Gary, Merrillville, and Crown Point as well as to promote transit-oriented development at each hub.

Crown Point had commuter service to and from Chicago on the Chicago to Columbus line of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Jersey City to Chicago line of the Erie Lackawant Railway. Both rail lines are no longer in use.

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FAQ About Crown Point Indiana

What is Crown Point Indiana famous for?

One of the most famous structures in the state is the old Lake County Courthouse. Early in the 1970s, the structure was on the verge of being demolished and is now referred to as "the Grand Old Lady." The edifice, which combines Georgian and Romanesque elements, is a well-liked tourist attraction. It was created by architect Martha Wheeler and is situated in the center of the community.

What is the racial makeup of Crown Point Indiana?

The population of Crown Point is diverse. Only 2.7% of the population is black, and white people make up the majority. Additionally, 1.7% of the population is American Indian, and 2.2% are of Asian heritage. 10.0% of the population says they are Hispanic. The poverty rate in the city is generally low. 5.8% of people in the country are considered to be poor.

Why is Crown Point called Crown Point?

Crown Point has been known by two names for a reason. The neighborhood of Bridgeport, which is close to Summit and Indiana Avenues, inspired the name. Although there was no port or waterway in the area, two railroads did pass through it. The Erie Railroad's depot was on Foote Street, while the Pennsylvania Railroad's was on Goldsborough Street, not far from Jackson Street.

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